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For us the body and face aesthetics mean innovation while respecting tradition . We decided to give more attention to the effectiveness of the proposed treatments , respecting the body and overshadowing the aesthetic mode . Our qualified team will always advise the best treatment , after studying the characteristics of your skin.

DIBI MILAN offers a complete, targeted and selected beauty project according to the profile, characteristics and lifestyle of the customer  thanks to the technology of MDB Analyzer: a new way to fight skin imperfections .

Garda Thermae Blushape also uses the technology to solve specific problems of the face and body in strict compliance with the Italian legislation in terms of safety .

According to the skin type the face/body will be evaluated using either the classical  or Hi -Tech methodology to optimize individual results.



A treatament to regenerate the skin and make it smooth and active, ideal as exfoliation before a course of treatment . Use of steam when necessary.


A treatment dedicated to impure and mixed skin. It restores the natural mechanism of the skin by regulating the production of sebum.


A treatment dedicated to sensitive and reactive skin problems.


A treatment based on hyaluronic acid and collagen for a fresh, radiant and vital face. It protects the skin from water loss, it nourishes and gives a great vitality. It is dedicated to the eye contour too.


For a relaxed, illuminated, uniform  and young-looking skin with visible effects from the first treatment . It is also dedicated to the eyes and lips, t is indicated for mature skin that has wrinkles, discoloration, enlarged pores and uneven coloring .

A professional treatment with extraordinary anti -ageing filler that provides a rapid and effective intervention by the extraordinary results.


The first solution of advanced facelift that repositions the volumes of the oval. A cosmetic line that thanks to Receptor Cosmetics arrives in the heart of the cell and directed the imperfection . An intervention global anti-aging for face, eye , neck and décolleté.


Start Up - Moisturizing

A cosmetic treatment that reactivates the skin structures: a distinguished and functional skin exfoliation to make the skin body more receptive and vital.


For targeted, effective and visible draining action, for a light and harmonious body .


Silhouette renewed and defined that makes the skin smoother and firmer .


To reduce the widespread and localized adiposity for a redesigned and shaped body.

Tone up

A cosmetic treatment that helps to keep your skin toned, firm and elastic fighting sagging skin.                                                                                          


Garda Thermae has selected for you the technology BLUSHAPE ®, an elite brand . Designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, exceeds the levels of safety regulations , ensuring peace of mind for operators and customers in beauty treatments for face and body.

MDB Analyzer:

DIBI MILAN project offers a complete beauty , targeted and selected according to the profile , characteristics and lifestyle of the customer , thanks to the technology of MDB Analyzer: a new way to fight blemishes .

Garda Thermae Blushape also uses technology to solve the specific problems of the face and body in strict compliance with the Italian legislation in terms of safety .

Depending on the type of skin will be evaluated using the classical methodology or Hi -Tech to optimize individual results.

BEAUTYSONIX ultrasonic cavitation for the treatment of localized .
An innovative generation of ultrasonic cavitation , which modulates the classic high-frequency generation cavitativa , thus preventing any side effects often experienced with other equipment . It is well respected in an absolute manner , the safety regulations in force for devices of this kind, in complete safety for the operator and the customer.

RFTEC radio frequency for face and body.
It stimulates the production of collagen and its organization in the skin , thus giving noticeable results in the aesthetic treatments of imperfections such as wrinkles, hypotonia and poor vascularization of tissues.

TERMOKINETIC thermal energy to treat the imperfections caused by cellulite.
This machinery allows to heat ( thermogenesis ) and cool ( cryogenics ) deep into the tissue to be treated , the strict alternation of thermogenesis and cryogenics induces a vascular exercise that allows the reduction of swelling and water retention , oxygenating and toning the tissues.

SYNTRONIX for the delivery of functional substances .
It is an excellent tool which combines the three traditional delivery systems , allowing an unparalleled deep penetration of active ingredients .

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