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Shin Tai

SHIN TAI is an extraordinary and innovative method that integrates traditional shiatsu massage, osteopathy and powerful vibrational and energetic techniques.

This treatment considers all aspects of the human being: skeletal structure, posture, energy systems, emotions, mind and soul.

It is a treatment suitable for people who need to solve physical discomforts, such as muscular and joint problems, regain life force or reduce stress related to anxiety, depression, insomnia, phobias and so on.

30' € 45
50' € 80

The Professional

Angelo Formicoa is holistic counselor, Shintai Therapist and Teacher and experienced massage therapist of Oriental and Western techniques such as Hawaiian, Indian and Californian massage.

During the treatments Angelo considers all aspects of the person (body, mind, emotions, energy system, soul)integrating the essence of different techniques and knowledge gained over twenty years of experience: Shin Tai, Bio Osteopathy, Egyptian Essene Therapy, Shamanism, Light Body Meditations, Sound Healing, Family Constellations and a lot of experience!


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